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Fan Page Domination Review

Facebook is becoming more and more popular with billions of users registered and millions visiting it every day. This huge social network provides almost endless opportunities for people to connect to each other but also for the exchange of ideas, information, and opinions.

The people have different interests and they circle around different ideologies. Facebook has provided the option for creation of Fan Pages, informal pages that can act as contact points between their creators and the visitors. They can have different themes and the administrators can control the flow of the information on them.

Many brave entrepreneurs have seen opportunities in this, but only a few have made any results. Anthony Morrison is one of those. While he was in college, his family lost almost all their money in a stock market crash and he was desperate and hopeless. However, he had a brilliant idea to start an online business. This proved to be a very smart move, because he soon had gotten good achievements and the businesses were making two million dollars per year, in less than three years. Having owned more than ten companies and writing three books about marketing online, his experience and success are proven.

He has found out that both traffic and email lists can be useful. He is using a model in which he creates a Facebook Fan page, then makes viral content and posts, because this helps more people to be reached and their attention to be grabbed. After this, the monetization of the Thank You page is crucial as a first step of making money. From all those subscribers, big lists of emails can be found and generated. Emails lists are very important in the online marketing because they can help the products to be directly advertised to the consumers, however often times many of those email owners aren’t interested. With Facebook, more targeted people’s emails can be collected from the Fan Pages, who are already interested in some kinds of products. The email lists can then be monetized in different ways, maybe even with cooperation with other companies.

The Fan Page Domination has four parts that guide the user from the creation of the page to seeing the first dollar in his account. First, there is a need for a Fan Page to be created but also there are many different preferences that should be correctly set on it if a user wants to improve his chances. The user will be taught how to create and post content that will reach virality and a big number of other users will subscribe to his page. Then his page will be reviewed by Anthony and he will be shown exactly how to monetize the page and provided with all the little secrets that have been collected through the years.

In some parts of the world, Facebook has become the synonym for the internet. People think that Facebook is the entire internet. Its user base will probably continue to grow at big rates as more people get technologically literate and have the need to use it. This is the future of the online marketing and there were some theories that Facebook plans to open a bank. Transactions will be made more easily, faster and wore securely and the Facebook users can also recommend posts to their friends. The Facebook Fan Domination will continue to gain relevance and its users will prosper.